21 | 04 | 2019

Campus Wi-Fi with Radius on Active Directory

Wi-Fi authentication by Radius was rarely implemented because of complexity of understanding and using encryption and authentication technologies. Against the complexity, the operation of a Radius enabled Wi-Fi is extremely simple:

Each teacher in this school case has a notebook for their school works which already a member of a Active Directory Domain. The notebooks now connect school wireless network by teacher AD account automatically, no necessary for any password input.

Advantages of Radius (802.1X) with Active Directory:
1. Single-sign-on, user only need to login once.
2. The wireless encryption key frequently and automatically change gives the most highest security wireless infrastructure.
3. No extra hardware cost as school already has AD servers and AccessPoint installed.
4. Fast implementation
5. Radius also support android and IOS so same infrastructure can be shared to smartphone users.

WLAN security