21 | 04 | 2019

Ritz Carlton HK guest Wi-Fi

The top luxury hotel, Ritz Carlton HK located above 100/F of ICC building at HongKong, with over 300 guest rooms and other facilities. As part of the whole structured cabling installation, we also took care of over 200 access point installation for entire hotel coverage.

The tender requirement was having access points installed at the corridor but eventually the walls blocked all the signal. To fulfill the tender and also avoid unexpected hardware cost, DAS (Distributed Antenna System) was introduced by us. The idea was having the Wi-Fi signal propagate along the coaxial cable into the room then radiated the room by a small antenna. The solution completely solved the signal problem.

During maintenance of the Wi-Fi access point, engineer does not required to access the guest room. This is a great advantage to hotel operation as no interruption to guests while maintain Wi-Fi service level.

DAS (Distributed Antenna System)