21 | 04 | 2019

Crown Motors Wi-Fi


While relocating the HongKong car parts warehouse of HongKong from CT4 HLC to Yuen Long maintenance workshop and office, CROWN MOTORS HK invited us to provide wireless solution for inventory applications with Wi-Fi enabled handhelds. The previous network in HLC was formed by Cisco AP which installed time by time when necessary, resulted difficulties to manage.

The design must be substantial to fulfill requirements:
- no disconnection when roaming between access points
- 900 sq. meter area with basically full with metal car parts which create reflection and so interference of wanted wireless signal
- two layers of storey divided by metal brace generally reflect signal that create noise
- minimize no. of Access Point to reduce TCO and complicate  network design
- a throughput of at least 1Mbps  TCP connection to run terminal service application

The Solution

After detail study, anlysis and trial of the suggested solution. We combined Wi-Fi DAS with MERU network solution. Users now are able to connect to the network and servers and running application smoothly with only a total of five access points with resilience.

A reliable and robust wireless network is crucial to business operation, and so is a good planning and design of with detail requirements listed by project team which formed by IT department, end users and the contractor.