21 | 04 | 2019

Full Mobility by 3G4G


Designed and assembled by ITSHK, Industrial Mobile Wi-Fi (IMW) Router is combination of successful, advanced products and technologies, forming a dedicated solution for industrial mobile networking, inter-networking, surveillance and voice communication applications. IMW is difference from a pocket wi-fi not just because its powerful router and wifi functionalities, but also capable to combine two 4G/3G mobile networks for load balancing or even multiple 4G/3G links for super high bandwidth applications.


IMW router contains a full series of hardware boards with modules which make sure fulfilling any business purposes and requirements, such as but not limited to:

Bus with Wi-Fi

Tourists always looking for Wi-Fi Internet connection to get connected with their friends, relatives and business partners by e-mail, we chat, whatsapp, etc. By providing a free Internet access by Wi-Fi on the bus, they can also immediately share their journey at social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and so on. The IMW solution has put journey to a new amazing, stunning and touching new level.

More then that, Tourist companies can also advertise their products and services through friendly hotspot web interface and videos by smart TV. Videos images up to HD 1080P are broadcasted at central server which using streaming protocol to send digital images to multiple locations at the same time without increase the bandwidth requirement.

Shop with Wi-Fi

It is curious that why a fixed location shop need a mobile solution. The most strong reason is speed of implementation. The faster the online process of the Wi-Fi marketing system, the more marketing value generated while shop owner can quickly announce the system and alternate quickly reposing to customers reaction. The speed also comes against management cost which it will be troublesome for each departments to plan, arrange and manage fixed lines, maybe from different providers too. By going mobile, shop owner can quickly pick up the best provider in the region and just multiple the number.

The fourth generation LTE network advances the solution which support more users and faster user experience. As lowest latency mobile network ever, it can directly compare with fixed line, definitely lower cost when at same bandwidth.

Event with Wi-Fi

IMW is a best-fit solution for small to medium size events and also mobile events. To arrange a fixed line broadband for a event in short period of time is not even practical. IMW immediate fit into the environment by combining multiple LTE networks which make Wi-Fi at event possible. While guests and visitors are able to connect to, for example, information web page, media server, registration page, vote, forum, conference, chat....anything can be possible with this truly amazing connections.

For large event, please check our HD Wi-Fi solution.

Industrial Applications

IMW can be easily applied to industrial environment where network connection or GPS data is required. Panda could provide traditional serial interface such as RS232 or RS485 to simulate serial connection remotely via 3G or 4G network.



With full series of modules, boards and accessories, we are able to integrate a dedicate and unique solution for individual corporation and organization to fully utilize the equipment and 100% fit into their environment. The hunting of hardware and new technologies will never stop.


Road Test

To POC (prove of concept), we ran over major highways in HongKong with a car without extending the antenna outside car to simulate true operating environment. But still, the result is stunning. The DL speed is around 10Mbps and UL is 5Mbps which is enough for a smooth 720P video streaming. SPEED TEST RESULT