21 | 04 | 2019

Mikrotik Wi-Fi

Mikrotik Wi-Fi series are standard Wi-Fi equipments for personal and business users but with very affordable cost. Plus, Mikrotik Wi-Fi also provides built-in functions that even comparative to other high ranking Wi-Fi products:
centralized wireless control with unlimit AP
hotspot for different user groups (eg. staff & guest)
internal radius server with accounting
seamless roaming


[LTE related]

New weatherproof with part metal enclosing wireless access point series, suitable for any type of 4G related application and environment by build-in LTE antenna and GPS module. Also with 10/100 Ethernet port build-in, support 802.3af/at PoE and MicroUSB powerup.

Model 2.4GHz LTE modem miniPCI-e Price
LtAP mini 2x2
1 89
LtAP mini LTE kit 2x2

FDD (1,2,3,7,8,20,38,40)

LtAP mini 4G kit 2x2

FDD (3,7,20,31)
TDD (41n,42,43)




[Desktop Wi-Fi]

For personal, home office and mini office, these routers with Wi-Fi included fulfill the all-in-one requirements for small scale operation. With ROS level 4 or above, they can well performance as standard Wi-Fi AP with different security measures and/or act as VPN gateway/client for small branche and shop.

Model Standard 2.4GHz 5GHz CPU RAM Ethernet ROS SFP Price
hAP ac ac 3x3 3x3



5 x Giga 4 Yes 129
hAP ac lite ac 2x2 1x1 650MHz 64MB 5 x FE 4 No 50
RB951Ui-2HnD bgn 2x2 - 600MHz 128MB 5 x FE 4 No 60
RB951G-2HnD bgn 2x2 - 600MHz 128MB 5 x Giga 4 No 80
RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN bgn 2x2 - 600MHz 128MB

5 x Giga

5 x FE

5 Yes 129

[Mid-to-Large Scale Wi-Fi]

With one standard PoE port, these work as same Wi-Fi AP as other brands. But with ROS level 4 functionalities, you can do much more. Such as highly seamless roaming (near 99%) for Voice-Over-IP application and video streaming (eg. CCTV).

Standard 2.4GHz 5GHz CPU RAM Ethernet ROS PoE Price
wAP bgn 2x2 - 650MHz 64MB 1 x FE 4 802.3at 45
wAP ac ac 2x2 3x3 720MHz 64MB 1 x Giga 4 802.3at 89
cAP 2n bgn 1x1 - 400MHz 64MB 1 x FE 4 802.3af 50