21 | 04 | 2019

Implementation: VoIP and Connection awareness applications

Seamless Roaming for VoIP

Wi-Fi roaming is crucial to VoIP (Voice over IP) system and some other industrial use handheld's programs, the successful of VoIP system stands on the roaming time (delay) when switch between access points. This is talking about less then 40ms or user experience a voice delay.Upon today Wi-Fi standard,  as connection-disconnection is completely controlled by Wi-Fi client, it is hardly to control when clients shift from one AP to another AP. Once client decides to disconnect and connect, it requires about 40ms to re-associate in radio part. So there is no gap for network latency.

Use Mikrotik CAPsMAN with tunneling to bridge all AP's wireless client data to the controller, this save the time from layer2 reconnection. Compare to other seamless roaming solution like Meru, mikrotik provides huge cost effectiveness, any SMB can build a roamingless Wi-Fi easily.