21 | 04 | 2019



An international school in PRC was looking for a single solution for multiple purpose:
1. To provide authentication of groups of user (including guest) to access network with security
2. Allow BYOD for numberous staffs and students (about 2K devices)
3. Support existing sub-nets and routing platform
4. Compatible with different network equipments, such as Sangfor and Cisco
5. Support different WAN suppliers, MPLS and VPNs

Market Product & Approach

Usually hotspot, radius and router are separate equipment, and with high cost and require purchase user license etc. This increases both first time and running cost. Thus implement of hotspot in high density user environment by common brands are terribly high cost compare to Mikrotik.

The Solution

The solution is straight forward by placing CCR1036 at the center of the network and as a core. CCR1036-12G-4S provides 12 Giga Ethernet and 4 Giga SFP which fits most of cases and it is upgraded to high memory version to tackle hotspot and high density user. The CCR not such fulfill above requirements such as hotspot, radius with massive user, but also:
-provides centralized network services such as DHCP and DNS
-link aggregation with core switch to provide tremendous speed for routing between subnets
-provides a single interface for management
-provides market
highest speed routing that other product unmatchable