21 | 04 | 2019


Internet enables the organizations to reduce costs and communicate with the world, as well as brings about great number of commercial opportunities. However, the lack of proper Internet access management poses numerous troubles to the company. Internet users may browse the news, chat about private things or buy or sell securities during the business hour, the results of which are drop of work efficiency and decrease of turnovers. Besides, lack of Internet access management may also cause bandwidth abouse, information security, legal issues, network security and other problems.

SANGFOR Internet Access Management (IAM) series is your first choice for ensure effective organizational use of Internet applications and resources by:
- enable full network visualization and help to better manage your network
- full application control and URL filtering
- maximize bandwidth utilization and acceleration
- multi-layer safe protection measures to ensure network security

*** ITSHK isĀ GOLD partner of SANGFOR ***