21 | 04 | 2019

Infrastructure : Logistic Wi-Fi

Container Terminal

Container terminals take an important role in logistic industry. Systems inside container terminal require wireless capacity in order to send and receive data from mobility machinery such as cargo, RTG, QC, etc. As too many systems are running on free channels in 2.4GHz spectrum, making side effects of performance degrade by interference from each other and from open space far from recorded 20km.

Other than usual way of designing wi-fi network, ITSHK provides also interference & channel management dedicate to sub-locations and path of transmission to best use of the free spectrum. Including another free 5GHz spectrum, and new wi-fi standards such as 802.11ac.

Case Study : Container Terminal

Logistic Center

A reliable stocking system requires fast and reliable wireless connection for users to check and update inventory instantly and without disconnection. To achieve the goal, a wireless network must fulfill below requirements:

1)  Fully coverage of system operation - Warehouse with full of shelfs and goods will absorb and reflect wireless signal (especially metal), to cover these area would require intensive wi-fi planning but create more interferences by more wi-fi infrastructure. ITSHK provides dedicate solution which customer enjoy low cost infrastructure as well as very sufficient signal coverage.

2)  No disconnection across area - This is very common situation that wi-fi handheld devices frequently hangs due to disconnection from backend server when travel between wi-fi zones. This is very great impact to warehouse efficiency which user has to stand and wait at least 30 seconds for the program to operate. To avoid this problem, a fast-roaming wi-fi system is required. The roaming time should below 15ms comparing the TCPIP buffer which is a high standard.

3) Extreme condition - Some logistic centers contain extreme condition in purpose such as fresh food related which require different wireless solution which run at extreme environmental condition. ITSHK easily fulfill the requirement by our passive wi-fi solution.

Case Study : Crown Motors
Case Study : Weikeng B2B distributor