21 | 04 | 2019

Topology: 802.11 Point-to-Point Bridge

Wireless Backhaul by Wi-Fi is the most fastest and cost effective way to link up two location without cable and provide enough bandwidth for data transfer in between. Those location can be buildings, movable structures, machineries, houses and any place which high data throughput is required. Some examples of wireless backhaul applied:

1. A company own buildings in a regoin of mainland china for manufactoring, administration and labor housing. Traditionally, communication betwen these buildings was formed by leased or self-owned cables but all comes with high implementation and running cost. A flexible wireless backhaul solution is a new option which also a good approach to rapidly increase the bandwidth to over 1G.

2. Another company has two offices in different buildings but close to each other which they are using leased line for major network connection and VPN for alternative backup. If highspeed wireless backhaul is applied, not just the cost of connection drop rapidly but also the changes of IT infrastructure and application deployment.
Everything can be think differently with a amazing speed wireless backhaul.

802.11AC is starting a new age of private network connection with its terrible speed. With up to 160MHz bandwidth and up to 8 MIMO spatial streams and 256QAM mudulation, technical bandwidth can up to  6.93Gbps. The speed is ever faster then any kind of WAN, Internet, 4th generation mobile network, which is why it has very strong reason to apply wireless backhaul with 802.11AC now.

Case Study (802.11g backhaul)

Case Study (802.11n 5GHz backhaul)