21 | 04 | 2019

Wi-Fi Marketing

What is Hotspot or Wi-Fi Marketing?

By making use of technology "captive portal", venue owner or tenant can now provide Wi-Fi service to their customer or guest as well as marketing activity such as collecting e-mail address or launch a quick survey about their services and products. Captive portal (another name: hotspot) force to pop a web portal when client join the Wi-Fi network. The portal page itself simply a HTML page which we can do whatever customer required, such as:

- provide basic static information, products and services
- interact with customers with social applications, such as Facebook, YouTube & Twitter
- work around with self-developed web design, programming and database

Why Wi-Fi Marketing?

The Wi-Fi facility itself is already a strong marketing tool. Because people are seeking for free Wi-Fi for their e-mail, facebook, web surf, online chat and game etc while cellular carriers are cutting unlimited plans. These boost public attention while venue owner provide free Internet connectivities.

Simple but strong tool to connect business owner with their old and new customers with pre-defined way. Smartphone and tablet are so common that every customer at least has one attached. This is then no reason not using it for marketing.

Zero investment for most SMB! Investment is only required for large venue owners or for those required self developed application.

Hotel E-menu

After guests’ check-in and enter guest rooms, more and more guests give a basic check of Wi-Fi or wired connection to make sure the room Internet is ready firstly before unload their belongings. This is where this system works. The pages that automatically pop up, called hotspot, when user successful connect to hotel Wi-Fi or wired network.The hotspot pages are basically web format which hotel can fully utilize to perform below functionalities:

1) As a hotel information platform which tells your guests all information about your hotel such as facilities, services and city guides. These information definitely reduces part of the unlimited enquiry to the help desk in daily basic.

2) As a promotion platform, hotel can highlight specific products and services which easily get visitor’s attention without interrupt guests privacy. For example, a promotion sale of food & drink package available in period of world cup or major leagues. A free cake to new couples or guests in birthday, etc.

3) Empower social media strategy, which Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn shortcuts can be provided.

3) As a mail box, which guests can easily and comfortably leave feedbacks and opinions to hotel administrations through hotspot e-mail.

In order to fulfill different hotel requirements in hotspot style and design, powered by wix, we offer about 30 hospitality templates for hotel selection. Images and videos can be uploaded for customization. These designs fit both computer, pad and mobile phone sizes which gives the most stunning and user experience for hotel guests.

It is a must that hotel keep changing the hotspot contents in order to fit their operation and marketing requirements, and this is so crucial that to the successful of the entire system. A system that without most updated content won’t help much on selling products and services.


Customers reading your pages from hundred feet

This is a new era and easiest way for advertising outside and inside shop. When customer connect to your free Wi-Fi service, a hotspot page pop-up automatically which contains the most updated promotion or marketing message. Global analysts prompt that customer always welcome these pages as the only trade off for their free Internet access.

Adaptive to marketing or selling strategy almost instantly - Shop manager can easily modify the pages, for example, for a one-day quick sales which usually take weeks to prepare printing material and labor.
Cover more customer then expected - By enlarging the Wi-Fi coverage, more customer will hear you than your expectation because more and more people hunting for free Wi-Fi. And for those used your Wi-Fi service, their smartphones will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi and the page will pop.
User friendly and fancy design - The system provides updated and fancy templates tools for page modification, applying WYSIWYG too.
Empower social media strategy - Same as our other hotspot system, social media quick link can be provided which customer can quickly enter shop Facebook for a "like" which means a long term "connection" and "relationship".

Event Hotspot

Event hotspot is a tool for event holder to display and interact with participants during the event through their own smart devices. The system is also 100% moveable so fit for those mobility events such as a outdoor booth, public event or in a vehicle.

The content can be basically photo gallery and videos, or interact with participants for example a message box, voting and leaving contact information which are designated for the event.

Dining Hotspot


Before dinning, when guests queuing up in waiting area, it has been proved that providing free wi-fi is better that magazine and candy to keep guests staying. When guests connect to Wi-Fi, a hotspot page will pop which is web based and contains marketing material such as a dinning menu, and promotion that which guests may be interested. This pre-sale is lowest cost but highly interactive with your guests and customers. Moreover, enlarging your cover area in the waiting zone (i.e. free Wi-Fi zone) is another way to attract more visitors.


During and After

When customer enjoying the food and keep surfing the net, pages still pop to aware customers your special events and/or special drinks target turnout more sales can be made automatically. Customer can also click to your facebook/twitter pages to follow and like your restaurant, bar or cafe for getting more updates from you after their stays.