18 | 11 | 2017

Club House Hotspot Rebuild @2015Q2

The hotspot of Capitol Club has been rebuilt to provide faster, reliable and more user-friendly access methodology to users, saving lots of time from previous authenticate and login process. Technology should be kept improved and updated in order to fulfill more and different requirements from everyone.

HsinKuang Restaurant Wi-Fi @2014 Q4

We just built a Wi-Fi system in HsinKuang Restaurant in YaMaTei after its rework. This is a special case we want to share because firstly it is the our first Mikrotik CAPsMAN (wireless controller) implementation (may be first in HK) and secondly, hotspot is turn on for marketing purpose. One Mikrotik router acts as wireless controller, firewall and also hotspot. And it is very cost effective.


SaSa Supreme @2013

SaSa Supreme is located at CauseWay Bay, opening ceremony at 12th September,2013. The shop provides a full scale free Wi-Fi service with hotspot page which customer/guest is invited to leave e-mail address for direct marketing.

The Wi-Fi infrastructure was built by 4 Aruba Instance Access Point which managed by a virtual controller formed by these 4 AP without extra cost.

Capitol Wi-Fi Hotspot@2008, 2013 & 2015

Ticket Printing

LOHAS PARK - "Life of Health and Sustainability" was new idea of MTR development near Clear Water Bay Country Park. "LOHAS is luxury redefined. It is the pursuit of personal satisfaction through chic, stylish living and satisfy the increasing demands of HongKong residents for high quality living." The task is simple: make wi-fi Internet surfing comfortable at anywhere, anytime and secured.

To couple with the free, but with security requirement, we implemented ticket pricing Wi-Fi which users need a ticket (a account and a password) for authentication before login to the network. It avoids threats and overrun of the network because of un-authorized users. Up to 2014 it has been run for eight years.


The Solution - DAS

To build up a robust (comfortable) Wi-Fi network, about 800 meters of high quality coaxial cable has been used between access point and the antenna (anywhere). An new hotspot system also introduced. The system requires no one to handling the complicate account creation but only one simple press button (anytime) at a small printer. This provides the greatest flexibility and cost saving value.

Refreshment at 2013

After six years operation of the Wi-Fi system, a refreshment was made to re-design the network architecture to fulfill clubhouse new challenge including speed, coverage, security and user requirements. We divided the network into different subnets for different groups of people or functionality such as video box, and centralized the traffic with a high speed Internet gateway.


Hotspot rebuild at 2015

The ticket printing hotspot has been replaced by one-click trail hotspot to save user from time-consuming login process.