How to stop public usb from hacking your phone?

When you plug into anything that can access data, such as a computer, iOS will ask you if you want to “trust” the device. If you see that alert, unplug immediately, because you are connected to something other than an innocuous charger.

What is post-quantum cryptography? (14/7)

The race is on to create new ways to protect data and communications from the threat posed by super-powerful quantum computers.

IT managers are struggling to keep up with cyberattacks, are u? (12/7)

A report from Sophos suggests that the attack techniques are varied and often multi-staged which makes it that much harder for security experts to keep their networks intact. Some 20 per cent of the respondents (out of 3,100 surveyed) said they didn’t know how they got breached.

Europol and Eurojust team up to identify latest cybercrime trends (6/7) Europol and Eurojust published on 05 July a report categorizing the current developments and challenges in combating cybercrime.The trends are divided in five categories: loss of data, loss of location, challenges associated with national legal frameworks, obstacles to international cooperation, and challenges of public-private partnerships. 將來有國家會告上國際法庭控告另一個國家黑佢電網?

Network Security Firm *Untangle* Launches SD-WAN Router and Micro-Firewall (4/7)

Network security company Untangle this week debuted its Network Security Framework, which includes its new micro-firewall and an SD-WAN router. That new platform also includes Untangle’s existing Linux-based next-generation firewall and its command center, which manages network traffic from a cloud-based console.Dirk Morris, founder and chief product officer at Untangle, said the framework is a “new approach to […]