What is post-quantum cryptography? (14/7)

The race is on to create new ways to protect data and communications from the threat posed by super-powerful quantum computers. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613946/explainer-what-is-post-quantum-cryptography/

國產混凝土賣贏台泥,關鍵手段是「管司機」 (13/7)

他們發現客戶的痛點,把心思花在交通運輸上,用「運鈔車標準」來高規格護送預拌混凝土,竟將台灣市占率從 12% 提升到 17%,擠下台泥成為龍頭。 https://finance.technews.tw/2019/07/13/gdc-concrete-business/ 用心想,用心做,凡事都有可能!

[Malware “Agent Smith”] infected 25M Android devices (13/7)

It’s believed the malware originated from a Chinese internet company that helps Chinese Android developers publish and promote their apps in foreign markets. The malware was disguised as Google-related updaters and “vending modules,” which hid its own app icons and automatically replaced already-installed legitimate apps with its own version without the user knowing. This lead […]

IT managers are struggling to keep up with cyberattacks, are u? (12/7)

A report from Sophos suggests that the attack techniques are varied and often multi-staged which makes it that much harder for security experts to keep their networks intact. Some 20 per cent of the respondents (out of 3,100 surveyed) said they didn’t know how they got breached. https://www.itproportal.com/news/it-managers-are-struggling-to-keep-up-with-cyberattacks/

[Malware: FinSpy] Spyware dealers spotted in Myanmar (11/7)

A powerful German spyware company had its hacking tools spotted in Myanmar.The news: One of the oldest private hacking companies around found itself in the spotlight again this week. Gamma Group, a German company that sells spyware to the highest bidder, was discovered within the last year to be spying on dozens of mobile devices […]